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Stray Light Grey: Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe

"Articulated through the construction of multiple architectural settings, Stray Light Grey marks a unification of many of the thematic threads from previous projects into a sprawling sequence of interiors. Through a series of fictional and historical narratives the artists have composed an expansive, alternate world that reimagines culture through subjects such as rogue science, psychedelic drugs, mega-conventions and hypertrophic urbanism. A warren of corridors, chambers and passageways is configured into a spatial collage that gives a fragmented vision of a parallel metropolis. As if the visitor has entered a bizarro New York City simulated in a foreign country where the details have been perverted in translation. The overall conglomeration is a system of architecture that forms a sculpture in its totality, a concept of the city as a clumsy monument whose symbolic identity is never fully materialized."