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The Portrait is Political

The overarching theme, The Portrait is Political, alludes to the fact that all three exhibitions on view in the Gallery focus on artists and subjects who represent marginalized, under-recognized communities in Brooklyn. The first step in social justice - the theme of the 2019 BRIC OPEN - is validation of the individual; the portrait is a key means of recognizing individual lives. The three exhibitions are as follows:

Jaishri Abichandani, Jasmine Blooms At Night
A solo exhibition of small-scale paintings by a noted Brooklyn-based artist portraying South Asian American feminists in the local community who are making a large social impact. Painted on circular and triangular panels, the paintings are elaborated with materials and decorative elements drawn from South Asian visual traditions.

Texas Isaiah,
Dear Los Angeles
Love, Brooklyn
Texas Isaiah is a visual narrator from Brooklyn who is currently based in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and NYC. His work explores gender, race, and sexuality by inviting the sitter to participate in the photographic process. The invitation constructs a space to begin and continue collaborative visual dialogues about legacy, self-empowerment, emotional justice, protection, and topophilia (the affective bond between people and place). Texas Isaiah is invested in the possibilities of what it can mean to be seen, loved, and cared for when you have your photograph taken.

The Other Is You: Brooklyn Queer Portraiture curated by artist Liz Collins
This is an exhibition of portraits by some 37 Brooklyn LGBTQ artists, displayed salon style on the large center wall of BRIC’s gallery. The exhibition features artists at varied stages in their career and working with a wide array of media. Seen in sum, the works create a celebratory sense of community. In addition, Liz Collins, who is both an artist and designer, designed a gathering space/viewing lounge in the center of the Gallery. This exhibition contains nudity.
Curator: Liz Collins
Assistant Curators: Anna Parisi and Sol Nova

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