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A History of Graph Paper

John Houck's first solo show A History of Graph Paper expands on his body of aggregate photos of gridded compositions informed by his experience as a software programmer.
Houck is deeply interested in the dialectic between repetition and desire in contemporary technological culture. In recent years, Houck has pursued this enquiry beyond the studio through psychoanalytic therapy, an exercise in remembering which remains one of the only acts of daily life that eschews capitalism and is a means to disrupt photographic repetition. Houck found that affecting memories is more about activating the imagination than recalling facts and data. The necessity of imagination in the act of reminiscence has entered into Houck’s new body of work, invoked by layered puzzles and visible in the new subject matter.
The show's title refers to Luke Howard, the 19th century scientist who pioneered the classification system for clouds and the use of graph paper. What a guy.Much love for the LES/non-Chelsea scene.On Stellar Rays