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A New American Picture

Doug Rickard cultivated the images for A New American Picture over four years of scouring Google Street View and re-photographing them on his computer screen. The images visually reference street photography's rich traditions but the camera's elevated vantage point eerily reminds us of the technology responsible for the photos: a fleet of cars mounted with automated cameras. Mostly culled from abandoned and downtrodden locations across the U.S., the photos offer a sharp look at the disparity in technological advances and the wealth they create in different parts of the country. The photos also question the importance of authorship, modern copyright law, and anonymity and privacy in a world where cameras are everywhere and everything ends up online.
"...a world in which a camera mounted on a moving car can generate evidence of the people and places it is leaving behind. Collectively, these images present a photographic portrait of the socially disenfranchised and economically powerless, those living an inversion of the American Dream."
Yossi Milo