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Beatrice Caracciolo: Il Bosco Lontano

Paula Cooper Gallery is pleased to present a one-person exhibition of new drawings and mixed-media paintings by Beatrice Caracciolo. The exhibition, titled Il Bosco Lontano, is the artist’s fourth with the gallery and will be on view at 521 West 21st Street from January 6th through February 3rd, 2018. There will be an opening reception from 6 to 8pm on Saturday, January 6th.

“Blunt marks wrestle themselves free. These marks hold down the surface like paperweights, indeterminate, turning in on themselves, splitting, moving around the back and through to the other side, wrestling to hold a form in space. Grubby grounds, oily and worked. Roughed up. The rubble is transformed into light. The form is born, ancient activity right out of Fayum portraiture. Each drawing an actively found place. So conscientious.”1

— George Negroponte on Beatrice Caracciolo

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