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Emily Oliveira: The Party es Para Todos

The Party es Para Todos is a devotional space, a window into a future earth, a transmission from a utopia irrealis. Textile pieces hint at an expansive mythology, a future historian sifts through our refuse for clues about the earth’s propertarian past. The video piece ‘A Vision of the Leisure-Dome’ evokes a 'live-stream' window into a utopian future. The performance of leisure and the absence of labor are central to afterlife mythologies across cultures; it is easier to imagine the end of our lives than to imagine the end of capitalism. The Party es Para Todos performs a possibility, colors in the lines of its splendid cartographies, rewires our imagination. It looks into the future, and the future is looking back.

Emily Oliveira is a interdisciplinary visual artist and performer based in Flatbush. She uses textiles, video, installation, and performance to explore the intersections of craft, labor, gender identity, and queer futurity. Her work has been shown at the Museum of Arts and Design, Disclaimer Gallery, SPRING\BREAK Art Show, Soho20 Gallery, and Paradise Palaise. She has received awards and residencies from Yaddo, AIR Gallery, BRIC, MAD, and she is a 2019 New York Community Trust Van Lier Fellow at Wave Hill.

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