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Johnny Abrahams: Threnody

The Hole is proud to announce our second solo exhibition by Johnny Abrahams entitled “Threnody.” Utilizing both exhibition spaces, Abrahams will exhibit fifteen new oil paintings and five shaped painting groups.

Abrahams’ new works mark a departure from his earlier kinetic line and pattern paintings, whose optical focus conjured moiré patterns and other visual effects. With the new oil-on-canvas abstractions, characterized by large geometric forms painted in bold color on raw canvas, Abrahams creates visually harmonious, meditative paintings. The sharp compositions—in white, red, black, or blue—focus on structure, rhythm, gravity, and negative space.

Abrahams differs from other hard-edge abstractors in that the work expresses both rhyme and meter, through repetitions and subtle interactions between the painted forms. Spreading the oil paint across the painting with a giant palette knife, subtle and arbitrary ridges appear upon Abrahams’ surfaces which at first appear to be smooth and flat. This process results in an accidental language of movement and depth within the clean, pure abstractions. These sizable yet balanced monochromes possess a remarkable quietude from their perfect edges and brushless application.

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