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Lorna Mills: The Great Code

TRANSFER IS PLEASED TO PRESENT THE GALLERY’S THIRD SOLO EXHIBITION WITH LORNA MILLS. ‘The Great Code’ is an exhibition of animated gifs and prints suggesting the order of knowledge has been collapsed and compressed. The culminating work has evolved in Mills’ studio over the past 15 years.

‘The Great Code’ is a suitable analogy for the way we now consume information — in a heterodox and nonlinear manner. Or it could be a new model for the Western tradition of thought: the fragmented datastream, an incoherent pile of thoughts, arguments and stories, … a firehose of information from perverts, hustlers, thieves, liars, fascists, communists, bad mothers, colonialists, drug addicts, middle aged ladies from small towns, misogynists (lots of them), homophobes, racists, supply side economists, plagiarists, political hacks, jesuits, pederasts, bank tellers, serial liars, brigands, and blaggards.

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