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Mark di Suvero

For his monumental work, Eppur si muove (2014-2017), di Suvero cuts a massive flat plate of stainless steel into an undulating Möbius band that he coils and twists to envelop a horizontal cylinder. Elevated by white support beams on either end, the torqued steel appears like an enormous spiral streamer, buoyant and effervescent in its refractive lustered surface. “And yet it moves,” as the title, a quote by Galileo, denotes: the kinetic sculpture calls on the viewer to participate actively—to walk under and around, to observe its oscillating, pendulous mass. “Participation inside a piece, where you don’t just stay as a static external observer but actually enter and change the piece itself; I think that is central to the work that I’m trying to do,” di Suvero stated in North Star, the 1978 documentary film about his work. “It allows the possibility of people to enjoy.” A second sculpture, Acla Cuna (1994), revolves on a vertical axis, its osseous curvature cutting through space.

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