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Nature Is My Church

The name of the show comes from a bumper sticker and is made up of Smith's new Ark paintings, a reel titled 'I Like America and America Likes Me', and Mene, Mene,Tekel, Upharsin.The Ark series are silkscreens (cool) of indexes taken from various scientific textbooks (cool). The use of the word Ark refers to the cataloguing of these creatures as a way of preserving them. As for the rest of the show – you'll just have to see for yourself.The New York Times calls Smith "a fresh-faced painter who dresses like a skater kid" but he seems pretty earnest:
'I definitely am concerned with preservation,' he said. 'For me, what’s interesting is the archival state, or how long oil paintings last. Sandy really sparked something in me, as I helped clean up at David Zwirner during the flood and watched all this destroyed artwork get pulled out. Eventually it’ll all be dust.'
NY Times