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Before it was “Manhattan,” the island was covered with wild and beautiful flowers. They’re still found in front of buildings, but they’ve never been able to compete with the scale of their surroundings — until now.

GROWN UP FLOWERS is a multi-site installation created by PLAYLAB, INC. and hosted by the Avenue of the Americas Association that imagines flowers inflated many times their normal size, giving visitors a new perspective on these iconic and playful representations of beauty. From Wednesday, May 2, 2018 through July 2018, visitors will wander along Sixth Avenue to see six different inflatable flowers sitting, lounging, floating, standing tall or even bending down to greet passerbys. The flowers will be secured in place with cables and lit from the inside for nighttime viewing.

Program Map (1120 Sixth Avenue, 1221 Sixth Avenue, 1251 Sixth Avenue, 125 W. 55th Street)

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