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Please Come to the Show

Please Come to the Show is a collection of assorted printed ephemera such as announcements, invitations, clippings, flyers, press releases, and posters from past artist exhibitions ranging from the 1960s to the present.
This exhibition also features materials from the Franklin Furnace Archive and the Political Art Documentation and Distribution (PAD/D) Archive, which are housed in the MoMA Library. The two archives, together with the materials from the MoMA Library artist's files from this time, comprise a vivid picture of the New York art community as well as broader international activities.
And in jumping on the 'Print is dead!' bandwagon, MoMA also points out that as many museums and galleries phase out printed invitations, this is a timely look at the medium.MoMA describes the show as a look at the ways we have been invited to experience art. We call it a must-see for graphic designers and a should-see for anyone else.MoMA