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Sleeping Rooms, Lie Awake: TC Cannon, Alexandria Smith, and Gabriella Sanchez

LMAKgallery is pleased to start 2019 with the exhibition Sleeping Rooms, Lie Awake, with TC Cannon, Gabriella Sánchez, and Alexandria Smith. The works included in the show, deal with the American Zeitgeist and the artists bearing their visual identity through it.

TC Cannon‘s work is still an anomaly within our times. Reflecting upon a rich heritage of Native American (Kiowa Tribe and Caddo Nation) culture, his artistic approach is a brutally honest view of life. Cannon passed away in 1978 at age 30, imbuing the spirit of an American youth while carrying the history of tradition and honor. His refreshing and honest look resulted in portraits that discarded nostalgic views and reflected a sensibility on how to move out of the disenfranchised and enforced societal chains. Cannon’s work has seen a resurgence and currently most of his work is traveling as part of the exhibition At the Edge of America, which will be on view at the American Indian museum in NYC in March. We are thrilled to feature two drawings that embody Cannon’s spirit and strong sense of his heritage as these embody the tradition he came from and the future he awaited, which was sadly taken away from him.

Gabriella Sánchez will present new works on paper created specifically for this exhibition. Using visual queues from her design background, Sánchez is able to develop a language that is both recognizable and exclusively her own. These dualities are something Sánchez confronts in her life as an American Latina (or Latinx), and through her use of language and imagery she’s able to navigate the riches and the depravity she faces within the American landscape. Though engrained in personal dialogue and experience the use of silhouettes and ‘classic’ typeset allow the viewer to project themselves on these tableaus and the experience. Sánchez has shown her work at MCCC: Mexican Center for Culture and Cinematic Arts, Charlie James Gallery in LA (and represented by), and recently in a group show curated by Nina Chanel Abney at Jeffrey Deitch gallery, NY.

Alexandria Smith will show a selection of paintings that cross over a few bodies of work, reflecting on the many isms and subjugations that have crossed her path. Smith fearlessly translates these confrontations and pressure into bold inner reflections that grow with the creation of each painting. Bold for their stance and assessment yet bearing an open soul that allows for a moment of tender and sometimes humorous reflection. Her choice of form is pushed through the deep tones of color, and use of matte and reflective surfaces. Guiding the viewer into this journey, Smith uncovers her next step, leaving behind images like clues within her visual vernacular. The gloved hands, legs, and pigtails form their own identity throughout the works, like actors fulfilling their roles within the artist palette. Smith is currently on view at the Boston University Gallery and at Mass MoCA and in the Spring she will present her work at the Queens Museum.

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