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Takashi Murakami: HEADS↔HEADS

“What is Beauty. It is a momentary flicker of ever-vanishing youth.” Takashi Murakami

Perrotin New York is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the work of Takashi Murakami, the fourteenth in twenty-three years of cooperation with the artist.

Spanning three floors, the exhibition presents for the first time in New York recent works, notably from the series Homage to Francis Bacon and the Transcendent Attacking a Whirlwind fresco, exhibited this past October at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

The exhibition presents a new series of paintings inspired by the work of Francis Bacon. The dense compositions contain the recurring motifs of the artist’s iconography—eyes, mushrooms, characters—accentuated by multiple layers of color on platinum leaf. In Murakami’s work, the representation of flesh in motion is the pretext for a cosmology of chaotic motifs and colors.

The metamorphoses of faces recall the transformations of Mr. DOB, the whimsical character—sometimes cute, sometimes monstrous and fierce—that Murakami subjects to multiple variations in his artworks. With this series, started in 2002 and continued in 2016, the artist pursues his homage to artists—both occidental and oriental—who have influenced his work.

The exposition continues with Transcendent Attacking a Whirlwind (2017), a monumental painting ten meters (33 feet) long, composed of ten wood panels painted in acrylic and highlighted with gold and platinum leaf. The work is a homage to Japanese artist Soga Shohaku, whose painting by the same title created in about 1764 is now part of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts collection.

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