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There Is Nothing I Could Say That I Haven't Thought Before

“MoMA, 2017, is a depiction of the 30 most iconic paintings in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, as collected and sourced by Daignault from catalogues, magazines, top-ten lists, websites, and social media. Installed in a grid, the work is a portrait of an institution, not only distilling its permanent collection to color and content, but revealing an overwhelmingly historical bias toward male painters – there are no women represented here. Beyond the objective, the short and poetic texts on each of the individual paintings relay the subjective interiority of one artist’s experience of these works. MoMA, 2017, highlights the tension between Daignault’s experience as a female painter and the history and present of the medium.

The Certainty of Others, 2017, includes 12 contemporary representational painters who were invited by Daignault to each produce a surrogate of her still life Everyone you ever loved will someday die, 2015, which was destroyed last year and exists only in image and memory. An inverse of the main gallery exhibition, in which a broad spectrum of work is filtered through one artist, this 12-part installation takes one artist’s work and expands it horizontally. For this piece, Daignault chose to work with peers and men, in an enactment of collaborative consent. The work explores the connections between painters, creating a multipartite portrait of one painting.”

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