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We Buy White Albums: Rutherford Chang

Rutherford Chang has set up a reverse record store in the Recess studio space that only stocks The Beatles' White Album. Instead of selling the records, he will be buying copies from the original pressing regardless of condition.
"Pursuing an interest in exhaustive cataloguing, Chang has collected over 650 first-pressings of the Beatles’ White Album. He considers the serialized first-press, an edition running in excess of 3 million, to be the ultimate collector’s item, and aims to amass as many copies as possible. Over the course of his Session, Chang will create an archive, listening library, and anti-store to house and grow his collection of the Beatles’ iconic record."
Indeed, the varying conditions of the records are what makes them so fascinating:
"The album covers are weathered, often with marks or writing from previous owners, and the vinyl discs are usually scratched or warped. The character of each copy, distinctly shaped by its history, is told through the physicality of the media. This phenomenon, at the cusp of extinction due to digital technologies, is made apparent by the identical yet unique multiples that comprise Chang’s collection."
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